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You don’t have to go to awkward meetings or expensive counsellors…

“Learn How to Stop Drinking


Keep Sober
For The REST


…from the privacy of your own home…

It was a day during winter of 1998…

A few weeks before that day, I had a minor traffic accident while I was driving after a ‘few’ drinks, and my wife had now gotten very upset with my drinking…

To avoid long arguments, I was now drinking in private. I’d gulp down a glass before she woke up, while she was out shopping, while she was in the shower, while she was in the other room helping our daughter with her homework…

At work, I also needed to drink without being noticed by my boss who had already threatened to fire me three times, so I’d hide a bottle in the trash can under my desk and take a quick swig when nobody was watching…

On this particular day of 1998, we were going to my brother-in-law’s for my nephew’s 4th birthday party. This meant that we had to spend the entire evening socializing and not have any privacy. It was clear that I would not be able to do it sober and that I would need to get drunk before I went …


My wife was aware of what I was doing and kept me safe while we were getting ready to leave. Then, just before we headed out, she went to use the lavatory…and I grabbed the opportunity…

I grabbed a glass of gin out of my “clothes drawer”, and half of it …


I felt awake and ready to party …

My brother-in-law lived just a 15 minute drive away so we got there ok. I wasn’t ok a few minutes later though, as I threw up without warning in front of all of them

I can still recall clearly the disgusted looks on their faces and the shocked look on my nephew’s eyes…and my wife…I couldn’t bear to even look at her …

I Have Never Feeled So Hurt in My Life …

The next morning, in the midst of guilt, shame, and humiliation, I realized my drinking was out of control. I was at the edge of ruining my marriage and my life. It was at the point that I KNEW I had a problem and had to do something about it…

Yet I did not want to go to AA because I didn’t want to be labelled an alcoholic…I just wanted a way to control my urges, STOP my drinking, and be able to live without alcohol.

And thus started the long, frustrating road of trial and error, self-experimentation, several relapses, visits to doctors, life coaches, naturopaths, and dozens of former addicts… until I finally pieced together a complete and comprehensive method that allowed me to…

Quit Drinking, For Good!

I’ve now been sober for 11 years and I no longer feel any urge to reach for the glass.

No longer do I feel tempted when I’m in social situations that involve alcohol, and I no longer need alcohol to be confident, talk to people, and enjoy social situations…

I don’t feel the need to have a drink …

when my day is stressful and hectic.

I don’t spend money on alcohol anymore, and I don’t wake up feeling ashamed …

At the age of 47, I’m now feeling the healthiest I’ve ever been, because I’ve stopped poisoning myself with alcohol…

My wife and I have rekindled our relationship and my daughter has a dad she can look up ..

It feels like I’ve been reborn. It’s a wonderful feeling.

I was able achieve this feat using some simple secrets that I want to share with …

I’ve created a step-by-step system to empower you to stop drinking TODAY. It works, simply-put, because I was in your exact same shoes and I know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

“Today is my 80th day sober! “

Dear Mark. My family and I will always be grateful to your kindness and generosity. You have truly saved my life After a drunken, stupid fight, that was the first time I tried to quit. After talking to my doctor, I was referred to an addiction counselor. However, I came back to my addiction even after several expensive sessions.

Second time I tried to quit was after I drove my fist through a glass window during an argument with my wife…I needed 12 stiches in my forearm. This time I went to my local AA, but not being a religious man I was turned off by their ‘the-solution-is-in-god’ approach.

Three months ago, after a long night at the bar, I drove my car into the front porch of an elderly couple. They were not hurt but I was concussed. I realized that I had a serious problem the next day and decided to quit.

I came across your system this time and decided it was right for my needs. I’m so thankful I did as today is my 80th day sober and I never felt happier in my whole life!

Jake Brown

Alabama, USA

“Today, I celebrate 1 year sober! “

In one year, I went through a separation and the death of my mother. I felt depressed and lonely. One glass of wine soon became two bottles every day. I gained weight and had chronic headaches. My depression was getting worse.

But, no matter how much I tried to reduce my alcohol intake, I could not live a day without wine.

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting when I joined your program, but it was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life . Your daily emails helped me stay on track and motivated, and I was able quit drinking.

Today is my 1st year sober. I thought it appropriate to update you. I am now able to come to terms with the fact that I was divorced and have moved on from it. Every day I feel stronger and look forward to every new day.

Mary Sheridan

London, UK

“It is now been 30 days and I no longer crave the liquor. “

Alcohol Free Forever can be a lifesaver. Your guide was extremely eye-opening and the daily emails made it extremely easy to quit and to establish a routine that did not involve alcohol. Although the first few days were difficult, I was able manage my withdrawal symptoms with your tips and techniques. Every day thereafter I felt less dependent on alcohol. It is now been 30 days and I no longer crave the liquor. We are grateful.

John McBride

Glasgow, UK

Do you wake up with the worst hangover and feel your aching muscles moving on their own toward the glass?

You gulp it, the drink rolls down your innards, burning every ache on its way, and just as it reaches your stomach…



Is That You?

You are not alone…


I am going to help you take control again…

Cause you to stop drinking right now…

And get your life back




You have nothing to lose, except your addiction.

Millions of others struggle with Alcoholism. There are many programs and treatments that work, some of which you may have tried. But, they don’t always work.

Alcoholism can be defined as a wide range of problems related to alcohol. It is usually defined as compulsive and uncontrolled drinking of alcohol. This is often to the detriment to one’s health, relationships and social standing. It is medically classified as a disease and, in particular, an addictive illness. In psychiatry, several terms are used to describe alcohol abuse, dependence and addiction.

Do You Want To Understand Why

You Really Drink The Way You Do?

Alcoholism has been around since the beginning of time. An estimated fifteen million Americans are affected by alcoholism each year. Current statistics shows that some 30 percent of Americans have had a drinking problem or some form of alcohol abuse in their past while a further 15 percent are active alcoholics.

Millions of people are affected by alcoholism and many don’t know it. They may not want to admit that they are suffering from alcoholism. It is crucial to immediately take action if you or someone you know is suffering with alcoholism. It is important to recognize the effects of alcohol on your brain and body. Addiction and alcohol abuse can be fatal.

The worst part about alcohol dependence

is that it doesn’t just affect the alcoholic…

Alcoholism Is A Family & Relationship Destroyer.

Friends and family members of an alcoholic may face extreme hardship when dealing with this crippling disease. Alcoholism can lead to dysfunction in the family and marriage, which can make it more difficult for people to recover.

Alcoholism or excessive alcohol consumption is one of the main causes of family breakdown. This not only impacts the person who is an alcoholic but also leaves the children and their friends psychologically scarred for the rest of their lives. Do you wish to leave that legacy for your family? Domestic abuse is often caused by excessive alcohol consumption. It’s an ongoing cycle that must be broken right now.

Do you feel like you might be drinking too much? I have great news You are not powerless over alcohol. It doesn’t matter if you go to church basement meetings or meet people who tell that you are powerless and a victim.

Alcoholism Is A Career Destroyer

I have known many alcoholics who feel that everyone at work doesn’t know they are an alcoholic. They believe they are able to conceal it well and fool everyone at work. They don’t seem to notice the harsh looks and snide remarks their coworkers make behind their backs. They don’t notice the growing dissatisfaction of their bosses and managers. They believe they do a great job. They don’t link their job loss to their alcoholism

Alcoholism Is A Health & Life Destroyer

The body is ravaged by excessive alcohol consumption. It can affect a person’s overall health… and sometimes even lead to death. You’ve probably seen the bloated bodies of alcoholics dying from liver damage. If you want to save your life and health, you need to stop drinking.

Do You Want to Stop Drinking?

Since you have to deal with an alcoholic spouse, friend, child or teenager, do you feel exhausted? Do you feel like your spouse doesn’t listen to you when you try to convince them they have a problem with alcohol? Are you constantly obsessing about what your spouse is doing with their substance abusers?

How To Beat Alcoholism

“No matter what happens, you don’t have to pick up a drink today. “

These words can cause fear in many recovering alcoholics, as one day without alcohol could seem like an eternity. It can seem impossible to make it through 24 hours without alcohol, let alone a week or a months. So how do you get rid of that monkey?

I Understand What You Are Going Through


My addiction almost cost me my marriage and my job.

It can be hard to quit. I understand what works and what doesn’t.

I understand what you’re going through. A lot of my life was ruled over by alcohol. I drank excessively and often for years. I felt miserable and trapped. I was addicted. Now I am sober and I will show you step by step how YOU WILL BE SOBER TOO.

You are About To Discover A Proven Way

To Have More Self-Control In Your Life

Overcome Alcohol Addiction For good


You will accomplish all of this privately and confidentially

in the privacy of your own home,

without the need to go to AA or spend thousands on counseling!


“Alcohol Free Forever(tm)


alcohol free forever

The complete proven program to stop drinking

right now

and stay sober for the rest of your life…

” I’ll be recommending your …”


After receiving an email from you every day for 35 days, I thought it was my turn to write to you. I just wanted to send you a quick thanks for helping me to quit . I will also be recommending your guide and email to two other people I know who are struggling with this addiction. They are not like me and don’t enjoy attending AA meetings. I know that they will be happy to quit alcohol forever.

Sean Roberts

California, USA

“Quit drinking without having to go through humiliating sessions…”

Like many others, I have struggled with alcohol addiction for a long period of time (over eight years). I tried several times to quit, but failed.

I couldn’t go to meetings. I felt like I wasn’t welcome there, even though I knew I had a problem with my drinking.

Your system helped me quit drinking without having to go through humiliating sessions; surprisingly it was much much easier than I thought. The hypnosis audio track is really effective. Mark, thank you.

Jeremy Barnes

New York, USA

A Total Multi-Approach Revolutionary Program

That Includes Everything Below…

1. Main Program Book – “Alcohol Free Forever(tm)”

alcohol free forever

This powerful guide will walk you through the steps to get rid of your alcohol addiction. It doesn’t require you to attend expensive AA meetings.

The book also includes

Normal Price: $59. 99

Immune Gut & Brain

2. SUPERBONUS: The Quit It BootCamp(tm) –

One Month Motivational & Instructional Email Series

A Series Of 35 Emails That Will Arrive In Your Email Box One Per Day To Help Keep You Motivated And On Track

alcohol free forever

They say it takes 30 days to change a habit…and this email course will make sure you are kept on track for these 30 days (+5 extra days just to make sure!).

The first 30 days of sobriety will require some work from your part, in order to ensure that you kick your habit for good.

With these emails, I will tell you EXACTLY what you need to be doing EACH DAY.

This breaks down the entire process and makes it much simpler. Each day, you’ll only need to focus on one task.

In addition, during the first 30 days (especially the first week), your body will be going through important changes. You will experience withdrawal symptoms during the first days, and each day I will tell you exactly what is normal for you to feel and how to CURB THE CRAVINGS AND SYMPTOMS.

I will also tell you on a daily basis how to supercharge your body’s recovery process, and I can guarantee you that at the end of these 30 days, you’ll feel the healthiest you’ve ever been.

I will guide you daily on how to deal emotionally with stress and anxiety, as well as how to restore relationships that have been damaged.

Here is what Jacob, a client of mine recently, had to say about this portion of the package.

“I don’t think I could have done it with your Quit It Bootcamp Emails…these were of immense help as they explained what my body was going through in the first days and weeks after quitting alcohol. I was also given the tools to cope with cravings and difficulties that arose, and they strengthened me mentally and physically each day. You have helped me stay sober for five months. “

Normal Price: $99

3. “What Alcohol Really Does to You (tm )”


alcohol free forever

This book clearly describes all the relationships, families, careers, financial, and medical problems that alcohol addiction can cause.

It can be used as a reminder (a.k.a. kick up the backside, of why you need to quit TODAY.

What you will read in this book is likely to shock you and I can GUARANTEE that it will help you quit.

It will also help you identify problems that you’ll need to work on and repair, to ensure you become the healthiest YOU possible – both physically and mentally.

Normal Price: $27



alcohol free forever

Subconscious empowerment

This program will empower you to stop drinking. This is a very powerful part the program.

Listen to this recording whenever you feel stressed out or have cravings. You’ll feel instantly better and your cravings will go away.

The best thing about this self-hypnosis track is that you don’t even need to think about it! You just need to relax and play it.

It also has an additive effect, in that it makes you drink less each time you listen to it.

Normal Price: $35

5. “Meditation Mastery(tm)”

alcohol free forever

Meditation can be a great way for anxiety and cravings to go away.

It can be a powerful tool in your first weeks of sobriety. It can help you gain a new perspective, especially when you think about people you have wronged or relationships that you have hurt.

This is an easy-to read guide for beginners on how to regain clarity of thought, calm your mind and find inner peace.

Normal Price: $19

6. “How to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety in Your Life (tm )”

alcohol free forever

Stress and anxiety are major reasons people drink.

This guide will show you how to deal with stress and anxiety WITHOUT alcohol or medications.

Learning to manage stress and anxiety is an important part of a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle. Everyone is affected by stress at one time or another.

In this guide you will discover how to make stress disappear, or work for you instead of against you.

Normal Price: $19

That’s a Total Value Of $258!





I’m letting a very limited number of people

End their alcohol addiction at a steep 85% program discount

I’m Offering You To Practically Steal This Entire GUARANTEED Alcohol Addiction Program Solution

RRP $258


Yes, that’s right. It is not a typo.

End your alcohol addiction

for less than one family dinner.


Don’t put it off until later.

You know that you will only get busy with something else,

and forget



” I have been sober for two whole months …”

I found your system extremely helpful and practical. It was clear and concise. I was listening to the hypnosis track every day and reading your emails every day.

I have been sober for two whole months. Although I did have a few social drinks, I was not out of control and I felt free.

Victor Norton

Ottawa, Canada





how to quit drinking guarantee

by providing you with my

Peace of Mind

60 Day


No Questions Asked

Unconditional 100%



It’s as easy as that. You have No Risk! If for any reason (or no reason at all) you are not satisfied with my program, you get your money back – 100%


money back guarantee

” I am happy to report that I haven’t been drunk for 3 months “

I never considered myself to be an “alcoholic”, as I didn’t drink every day. I would only have one drink per week if I was feeling stressed. When I did drink, however, it was always to the point where I got drunk, and I would often end up vomiting.

It bothered me that once I started drinking, I couldn’t stop. Besides, it’s not glamorous to drink until you feel sick!

I found your guide while searching for ways to reduce my drinking. Your system is more than a book. It’s not an audio recording or a series of emails. It’s a complete solution that really dismantles the reasons we drink the way that we do and the specific changes that must be made to change that habit ..

I can confidently state that I have complete control. I am able to stop drinking whenever I like. I don’t feel the urge to quit. When I eat out, I will have one glass of wine. I’m happy to report that I haven’t drunk in three months and feel much happier about my life and myself.

Luca Rampazzo

Milan, Italy

” I guess I’m finally free of my addiction! “

After 6 years of struggle, I’ve only quit once or twice, but not for more than 3 days. This was the first month that I went without drinking and I am certain the daily emails were the reason. Each task was completed and I felt more in control and happier every day.

I’ve also dropped 10 pounds and have re-started cycling. Yesterday, I went to a party but didn’t drink and was able to resist the temptation. It seems that I am finally free of my addiction.

Amanda Thompson

Sydney, Australia

Here’s What To Do Next:

Acceptance Form

Yes, I really want to end my alcohol addiction!

I understand that by acting now I’m going to receive…

1. Main Program eBook “Alcohol Free Forever(tm)”
2. The Quit It BootCamp(tm) – One Month Motivational & Instructional Email Series
3. “What Alcohol Does To You(tm)” eBook
4. Quit It Today(tm) – Hypnosis Audio Track
5. “Meditation Mastery(tm)” eBook
6. “How To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety In Your Life(tm)” eBook

alcohol free forever

I understand that my investment is totally risk free

And that my satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

And that I have a full 60 days to decide whether I want to keep this product or receive a full refund.

If for any reason whatsoever I feel that the “Alcohol Free Forever(tm)“program wasn’t worth $37, I can request a full refund and I will receive
the full $37 back

I don’t want to put it off until later. I know I’ll forget it if I get too busy with other things.

The rest of my life is just too important.

On that basis I am taking action RIGHT NOW

by clicking the order button and ordering.


$258 (Limited Time Offer — Now ONLY $37! )

add to cart

NOTE: These are downloadable e-books and audio file. You do not need to ship the physical product. You will immediately have access to the e-book as well as all other products, right after payment. The e-book is available in Adobe acrobat PDF format. It can be viewed on Mac and PC, and printed on your computer printer.

Best of Success ,

mark smith how to quit drinking

Mark Smith

Life Coach and Former Alcohol Addict (11 Years Sober! )

P.S. How does it feel knowing that you will soon be free of your addiction to alcohol?


Remember, all the risk is on me.

Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed,

P.P.P.S The discount on this program will end soon. Do not miss this opportunity.

P.P.P.P.S. You have been wanting to do this for a long time. Do not miss this opportunity. Click the Order button.

What Are Your Excuses This Time?

“I don’t have $37, I can’t afford it” (You waste this much money every week! Borrow it if you have to and let’s get going…)

I’m too busy” (Too busy doing what? You raise your glasses and wait for sobriety

“It won’t work for me” (That little voice inside your head is the very thing you must defeat to become successful. This is what is holding you back. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt,

because I’m taking all of the risk here. You might just surprise yourself. )

“What happens if I don’t like it” (You get an absolutely instant, no quibble, no gimmicks, no questions asked, full 100% refund).

If You Still Feel Hesitant For Any Reason,

I guess you just need to ask yourself which one you’d rather have…

an extra $37 in your account…

Or, you can be alcohol-free for the rest your life.

Don’t gamble with your success.

Take action now.


$258 (Limited Time Offer — Now ONLY $37! )

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