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Many families across the United States rely on senior housing options to provide critical care for their senior loved one. Some of the more common kinds of senior housing include Dementia and Alzheimer’s care homes, residential care homes, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living communities.

For those who need help with daily activities, but who wish to remain independent as they age, an assisted living community may be the right fit. These communities are often described as bridging the gap between nursing homes and living independently.
While residents of assisted living communities are not able to live completely on their own, they do not need constant care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They may be dealing with diseases, memory disorders, mobility issues or incontinence challenges, but do not require advanced medical care, which is limited in assisted living communities.

The most common size of assisted living communities ranges between 25 to 120 residents, but can have upwards of 300. Each assisted living community offers varying levels of care at different rates.

Some factors that affect costs include:
* Location of Community
* Apartment Size
* Services Needed
* Type of Community

Free Assisted Living Placement Services from Always Best Care

All of the senior housing and assisted living placement services from Always Best Care are 100% free of charge for our clients, as fees will be paid by the community that you choose for yourself or for the senior in your life. A staff member from the Always Best Care Franchise owner in your community will escort you or your loved one on a tour of the facility of your choice. This allows get a feel for the assisted living environment and to see if the community meets you and your senior’s needs, from a care perspective as well as a budget perspective.

To learn more about Always Best Care’s assisted living community services, contact your local ABC Franchise today.

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