Best Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Care Alternative In Las Vegas!!

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Best Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Care Alternative In Las Vegas!!

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Every one says they are the Best, offer High Quality Care, but you need to meet everyone from the administrator, owner, and managers, down to the care givers and medication techs before you can start to access how much caring comes with the physical care.

The phrase “Assisted Living” is being redefined every day by each person and family who need care and need to find a care setting and more importantly a care team to offer that care. We strongly advise meeting the owner, administrator, doctors and management people who are leading that team before you invest $24,000- $72,000 per year ( A new Car every year!) in what ever option you do end up choosing. Do not limit your choice to the first one that comes along since you will pay for that each year and that is what you and your loved one will have to live with. Choice starts now!! Re Evaluate what you are choosing right now, today, even if you are in a “good” care setting is it really what you want and need? Who is the administrator, the doctor, owner, or manager who is directing the care your loved one gets? If you don’t know you might want to read on. Care and caring are affected by the leaders of any care team. Just because you have an acceptable minimum now that might only be because you have not seem something better.

Tender Loving Care Senior Residence (tlcsr) is a Private, Senior Estate, with beautiful grounds, large court yard, pool, waterfall, hair salon, and many high end amenities, including thermostats in each room. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We provide all levels of physical and cognitive care, including Dementia Care, Memory Care, Alzheimer’s Care and Hospice Care if and when needed. We cater to only 10 Residents, and strive to provide a family like environment for our residents and their families. We provide a high level of continuity of care that allows most residents to remain with us through all of the hurdles that accompany aging.

Our staff ratio, family style care, and physical plant allow our residents more flexibility, control, and independence, while providing the assistance the resident wants, when they need it.

Owned and operated by a Medical Doctor and Registered Nurse, who are also brother and sister, helps to make you and your loved ones feel like you are at home and part of the family. They offer hands on care and continuity of care that few other big facilities or institutions offer.

TLCSR offers free community discussion on their Free blog- We have a spot on the Free blog for all care providers to list their contact information. We want you to get all the information before you choose a care setting.

Don’t just take our word for it. Seeing is believing. Come for a tour to see first-hand how we are redefining “Assisted Living”. Share this video with friends and family who have loved ones living at home or in a care setting.

Tender Loving Care Senior Residence

Check out Tender Loving Care Senior Residence, Costa Brava for an active, Family-Style Assisted Living care option. Get an online tour at m
Tender Loving Care Senior Residence
1401 Casa Del Rey Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89117
702-228-2994, fax 702-360-6826
[email protected], m

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