Different Types Of Long Term Care Facilities | Matching Facility Services With Seniors Need

Different Types Of Long Term Care Facilities | Matching Facility Services With Seniors Need

Welcome to AgeChoice. Today we are going to help you better understand the types of long-term care facilities. Take a minute and watch the video and know more.

Do you need help with selecting a long-term care facility for your father or mother or elder?
This guide will take you through a recommended step-by-step process for your long-term care facility search that’ll help you make the right decision for your loved one and your family.

Completed assessments should now give you a better idea of the personal assistance and medical care your father needs. The next step is to align his needs with services that the various local long term care facilities provide.

What are the different types of long-term care facilities?
There are three main examples of long-term care facilities or communities that provide varying levels of care to their residents. Generalities regarding three senior care facilities are:

Assisted Living Communities (ALC) offer assistance to their residents with ADLs and IADLs. Medical care that requires skilled nursing is generally not available to residents in these communities.

Memory Care facilities offer assistance for patients with cognitive impairments, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Memory Care facilities, typically associated with an ALC, are designed to meet the special needs of and provide a safe environment for cognitively impaired seniors. Depending on the facility, limited skilled nursing services may be available to memory care residents.

Nursing Homes (or Skilled Nursing Facilities) provide skilled nursing services to patients that have specific medical needs. Unskilled nursing services, such as assistance with ADLs and IADLs are also available in Nursing Homes.

Tip: For more detailed information on the distinguishing features of each of these facilities, refer to AgeChoice’s article on Top 10 Things to Know When Comparing Long-Term Care Facilities.

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The process of choosing the perfect eldercare facility for your loved one can be time-consuming and stressful. However, with a little knowledge of how to start the process, the journey from research to moving in can be an enriching one.

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