Ketamine for depression – A Powerful but Tricky Solution

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Ketamine is a very powerful anesthetic drug that’s made it’s way into psychiatry. In this video I talk in detail about how Ketamine is used to treat depression.

Ketamine is known on the street as special K. It’s a hallucinogen and induces dissociation which is a detachment from your environment. In clinical medicine, it’s a drug primarily used to start and maintain anesthesia.

In 2000 the first randomized controlled trial showed that Ketamine produced rapid improvement of depression. It’s not FDA approved yet for the use of depression. It’s going to take more studies AND we need more answers about long term safety. But currently we are using it as an IV infusion to treat depression. A new nasal spray was recently approved, called Spravato for treatment resistant depression. It is designed to be taken along with an antidepressant.

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