What is a Nursing Home?

We’ve all heard the phrase “nursing home”, but what exactly is a nursing home? Do all nursing homes have nurses? This video will show you what they are, the different types, typical attributes, who needs a nursing home and where to find nursing home reviews to help your search for senior living.

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0:00 Who needs a Nursing Home?
0:32 Is a Nursing Home right for you?
0:50 Typical attributes of Nursing Homes
1:07 Assisted Living compared to Nursing Homes
1:34 Intermediate Care Facilities (I.C.F.) compared to Skilled Nursing Facilities (S.N.F.)
2:04 How Nursing Home culture is changing
2:42 Nursing Home Benefits
3:03 Where can I find Nursing Home reviews?

Is a nursing home (#nursinghome) right for you?
If both medical and personal care needs have become too great to handle at home or in another senior living community, you may need a nursing home. This could be due to a recent hospitalization or a chronic illness which has gradually been worsening.
A nursing home is a place for a person who can’t be cared for at home but doesn’t need a hospital. Nursing homes are not only for seniors; they are for anyone who needs 24-hour care. They typically have a nursing staff on site 24 hours a day.
Nursing homes provide their residents with 24-hour safety monitoring, daily living assistance, and advanced on-site medical care.
People who are more independent could benefit from an assisted living situation. With assisted living, a resident can get basic medical care such as wound dressing and blood pressure monitoring, but only with nursing home care will they have daily access to the skills of more advanced practitioners such as registered nurses and occupational therapists.
Many of the homes are equipped with oxygen tanks, dialysis machines and other medical equipment that isn’t normally found at assisted living centers.
Those who need a nursing home but require less care could benefit from an Intermediate Care facility, or I-C-F, which is required to provide custodial daily care.
A skilled nursing facility, or S-N-F, is required to provide round-the-clock skilled care. Residents of skilled nursing facilities need assistance with many aspects of day-to-day living and daily care.
While some nursing homes provide both types of care, many are one or the other, so make sure the nursing homes under consideration meet your needs.

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